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Packer Yadpaz    
Packer Yadpaz, the largest steel group and industry leader in Israel, is the result of the merger between Packer Plada and Yadpaz in 2003. The Group specializes in the importing, processing and marketing of all types of steel. This is achieved by way of a wide array of processes, including, among others, cutting to specifications of both length and size, hot dip galvanization, cold-drawing, manufacturing tubes and profiles, plasma cutting, perforation and bending. Packer Yadpaz's great manufacturing abilities allow the company to supply a broad variety of reliable, readily-available quality solutions, specifically suited to our customers' unique requirements and to changing market needs.

Packer Yadpaz Steel Services
The leading steel services centers in Israel offering a great variety of steel types and complementary services under one roof ("all in one").

Packer Yadpaz Tubes and Profiles
Specializes in the production and marketing of a variety of both seamed and seamless tubes, and welded or open-seamed profiles for tubing and construction needs. most of them available in black color and undergo hot zinc galvanization.

Packer Yadpaz Galvanizing Plants
Specializes in protecting steel from corrosion damage by hot zinc galvanization, centrifugal galvanization, and additional technologies. The company also runs a unique information center specializing in the field of corrosion-protection.

Packer Yadpaz Steel Dike
The only cold-drawn steel (bright cold-finished bars) manufacturer in Israel. The company offers advanced solutions for a wide array of uses, including supplemental services according to customer requirements.

Packer Yadpaz High Performance Steels
Specializes in the import, processing and marketing of special quality steels, including stainless steels, in various cuts.

Yamko Yadpaz

Specializes in developing, designing, production and marketing of a wide variety of greenhouses and modular agricultural structures.

Contech Electronic Enclosures
Manufactures electronic enclosure systems and communication boxes.

P.L.H. Lighting Engineering
Produces lighting poles of all types, including prototype design and construction, as well as designing and production of stylized posts.

Steel services centers operating in Romania and Bulgaria, in cooperation with the leading local companies.