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 Negev Ceramics is Israel's leading supplier of comprehensive design solutions, both for construction and home improvement. Negev distributes a wide array of products and solutions, and, with the help of its NOVO line of high-quality tiles, was at the forefront of the granite-porcelain revolution in Israel. NOVO is Negev's unique house brand, which brought with it a new perspective in design, thanks to its esthetic qualities, resistance, ease and comfort of maintenance, and it durability in maintaining its appearance over a long time.

The Negev company's manufacturing plant was created in 1972 as a ceramic tile factory. In 2000, it was rebuilt as a granite-porcelain tile factory, and to this day remains the sole manufacturer of ceramic and granite-porcelain flooring tiles in Israel. Additionally, Negev Ceramics produces, imports and markets a wide array of unique products, including stone flooring, marble, rock, parquet, tiles for interior and exterior use, swimming pool tiles, sanitary appliances, bathroom accessories, and supplemental design items.

All of these can be matched to different lines of design, and most any lifestyle - modern classic, young and hip, romantic, "clean" and rustic, and comply with the strictest standards of quality, including ISO 9001 and ISO 9002, the SII's Standard 314, and the European Standard 176.
Aside from its quality and varied line of products, Negev Ceramics offers its clients design and architectural consultation, an advanced logistical system which allows for the product to arrive directly at the customer's site, be it business or private. The company owns a chain of attractive sales- and showrooms, which are spread out throughout the country and present a revolutionary world-view in the field of home design.

Our widespread chain of stores includes:
North Haifa  
Hadera (ceramics center)  
Center Ramat Gan The Negev Ceramics national distribution center and its administrative offices are also located In Rishon Lezion
Rishon Lezion The Negev Ceramics national outlet store is also situated in Petach Tikva
Petach Tikva  
South Beer Sheva  

The Negev Ceramics company line of quality products can be found in authorized stores from Elipelet in the North, to Eilat in the South. Additionally, Negev Ceramics exports many of its products to numerous countries around the world. With innovative developments, beautifully designed tiles, revolutionary ideas and superior quality, Negev is firmly positioned at the top of its field in ceramics and sanitary appliances, both in Israel and internationally.

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