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 Arkal Plastic Products Agricultural Cooperative Society Ltd specializes in the development, design, and manufacturing of plastic products and components. It is owned by the Packer Plada Group and Kibbutz Beit Zera, where its factory is located. Arkal specializes is three fields of production: components for the automotive industry, for the gardening and irrigation industry, and different items for external elements (as a sub-contractor). What they all have in common: Full, valuable solutions throughout the processing stages, beginning with the efficient serial design, all the way to supplying the final product to the customer, always maintaining high standards of quality, remaining on schedule, and staying within the budget framework.

Arkal Plastic Products first began operating in 1963, with the erection of the Arkal Industries plant near Kibbutz Beit Zera. In 1992, the factory was divided into three independent companies, and, in time, the Packer Plada Group became a co-owning partner in Arkal Plastic Products.
Within its operating framework, Arkal manufactures a wide range of aesthetic gardening products, intended for public or home use, various hose reels, DIY consumer goods, and an array of items both technical and as ordered by various professional elements.

Approximately ten years ago, the company became involved in the field of manufacturing plastic parts for the automotive industry, which today dominates Arkal's operational activities. With the development of the automobile industry and the implementation of new technologies, a need arose for lighter car weights. Accordingly, Arkal allocated vast engineering and technological resources into developing solutions for replacing metal structural automotive components with plastic ones. The innovative skills Arkal developed in the area of injection-moulded glass-filled thermoplastics, made it possible for the company to develop car parts for automotive companies which are stronger than plastic, which are characterized by their quick adaptability. Moreover, the parts manufactured by Arkal incorporate small metal components into one plastic part, which originally were assembled separately inside the car. This ability allows for saving on work times and weight, and therefore reduces the manufacturing price.

Today, Arkal and General Motors Europe have several shared registered patents, and Arkal is recognized by the European automotive companies for its exceptional skill and proficiency. As a supplier of integrated development, the car companies value Arkal immensely, as it offers a substantial savings in costs, particularly in the design and development stages of new platforms. This advantage makes Arkal the preferred supplier for this purpose, and for future applications in engine protection.

Due to its growth potential, and in order to ease its transition into the North American automotive market, Arkal created its daughter company in June of 2005, Arkal Plastics North America Inc, whose base of operations is in Canada.

After ten years of laborious work, today Arkal is recognized by both European and North American car manufacturers as an expert in its field, and as a leading pioneer in manufacturing complex structural components from plastic, instead of metal. As part of its policy, Arkal continuously perseveres to find new developments, both in the automotive industry and in its other manufacturing areas, all while showing a consistent growth arc in all criteria.

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