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Corporate Culture    
Packer Plada's corporate culture is aimed at striving toward excellence and achieving the highest operational results, while fostering its employees. This culture is comprised of the following values:

* Integrity, reliability and loyalty towards the customer
* Dynamism and flexibility in the development of the work
* Employees' strong identification with the company
* Encouragement of studying and learning from experience
* Personal and team development
* Free and open communication
* Openness and tolerance

In keeping with these corporate values, the Packer Plada Group has, throughout the years, developed a widespread tradition of competent service, mutual trust and close-knit cooperation with its clients both in Israel and worldwide. This system of reciprocation between the Group and its clients is based on a direct and personal relationship, beginning with the overall outlook, and down to the finest detail in the planning, execution, and completion stages of a project, all while strictly fulfilling its commitment to both execution and supply. In addition, Packer Plada continues to cultivate its relationships with its customers throughout the year, whether by way of our annual client conference, or by holding seminars and other events.

Likewise, the work environment in the Packer Plada Group's companies is characterized by a warm atmosphere, strong support and personal treatment, and its supervision of the team of employees as highly-skilled and experienced professionals who have worked many years in its line of service and who have shown strong identification with the Group itself. As a company which views its people as a most important strategic anchor, the Packer Group puts great efforts into the betterment of our employees and caring for their welfare, including offering advanced professional education to improve their skills, as well as organizing social and cultural activities. Additionally, Packer Group takes great measures to care for the welfare of our employees' families, granting academic scholarships for children of workers who work both on-site in the companies and outside the immediate work environment.