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The Packer Plada Group constitutes one of the flagships of Israeli industry. It owns and co-owns numerous factories both in Israel and worldwide, and presides over three fields of the manufacturing industry: steel, ceramics, and plastics. The Packer Group's annual revenue is estimated at approximately 1.2 billion shekels.

Despite being a long-standing group that has been operating for many years, the work environment in Packer Plada companies is characterized by dynamism and a youthful spirit. Above all, the group is known for its advanced and quality management, focusing its strength on investing in new areas of activity, creating strategic partnerships both locally and internationally, and the continuous development of existing enterprises.

As a group which has been serving Israeli industry for decades and sees its success in the success of its clients, Packer Plada is devoted to manufacturing and developing towards tomorrow's challenges, in accordance with the milestones paving the foundation at the start of its journey. After all, this is the group's legacy, passed down from generation to generation, and has always accompanied Packer Plada Group's life work.

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