Packer Steel Industries Ltd

Proudly Leading the Steel and Metal Products Industry in Israel For Nine Decades

The Flagship of Israeli Industry

Packer Steel Industries is a pioneer of the steel and metal products industry in Israel. Founded in 1934, we remain the leading company in the field today, employing about 300 workers in advanced plants in four locations around Israel. Packer Steel specializes in supplying raw materials and metal products and is considered the flagship of Israeli industry.

The Packer Group’s companies spare no effort to stay on the leading edge of technology, keeping up to date with innovations worldwide so we can provide customers with the best and most advanced products. Our open and forward-looking management team is constantly innovating, leading change processes, streamlining, and optimization.

Up-To-Date Technology with a Young and Dynamic Spirit

The Packer Steel Industries Group provides the following products and services:

Packer Steel Industries Group companies supply sheet metal and steel products, pipes and profiles from a variety of alloys and provide galvanizing services. The Group is considered an industry leader in all these areas owing to the quality and service it provides its customers. 


The Group’s companies provide significant advantages to their customers owing to the excellent reputation it gained in the market. It offers its customers added value which make it the first choice of most leading companies and organizations in Israel, and position it as the chosen supplier of its customers abroad.

Why Should You Work with Packer Steel?

Unbeatable service

Powerful logistics

Steel procurement know-how

Proven experience and reputation for reliability

Fast supply times

Plants throughout Israel

Comprehensive Quality, Reliability, and Honesty

When it comes to customer service, our watchwords are Quality, Reliability, and Honesty. All Packer Group companies are committed to the highest production and marketing standards by providing innovative solutions, tailored to meet market and customer needs, while addressing changing needs and trends in today’s steel and metal products field.

 As our customer, you’ll receive products tailored to your needs along with the best service in the industry. You’ll also realize significant production cost savings, optimization of raw materials, and professional guidance throughout all collaborative work processes.

Tons of Raw Materials
Years of Experience

Providing products and services to a wide range of industrial and economic sectors:


Building and construction

Metal plants


Safety guardrail installers


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