The Packer Group provides profile-related services through two companies: Packer Yadpaz Profiles Ltd., its manufacturing branch, and Packer Yadpaz Profiles Marketing Ltd., its marketing branch.

We specialize in the production and marketing of 0.5″- 10″ diameter pipes (seamed and seamless), and 15×15 and 200×200- size profiles in varying degrees of thickness. We also offer tailored solutions to greenhouse-related needs, including joists, drainage pipes and pipes, plus a range of solar energy solutions as well as fire-extinguishing conducting pipes.

We also manufacture and market road guardrails in a range of models and at varying safety levels, in addition to marketing professional iron and a large and varied inventory of other products.

The primary raw material for all our production is heat-rolled steel. We also market finished products, including pipes and processed parts.  

Our equipment includes a line for cutting sheet metal lengthwise (slitters), machines for manufacturing pipes and profiles and rolling machines for producing drainage pipes and road guardrails.

Our marketing activities take place on two levels:

1. Marketing our products manufactured in Israel

2. Trade activity for import and sales of finished products to end customers

This trade activity provides flexibility in determining the optimal sales balance between imports and locally manufactured products.

Our customers enjoy our comprehensive customer solutions, flexible production capabilities, and the high quality of the products we manufacture and supply. In addition, all products undergo a hot-dip zinc galvanizing process at our sister company, Packer Yadpaz Galvanizing Plants, contributing to their overall quality and durability.  

All our products meet the most stringent quality standards. They are manufactured to Israeli standards, and undergo strict control processes, including our rigorous quality control system, pressure tests and tests by external organizations: the Standards Institution of Israel and metallurgical laboratories recognized by European institutions.

By supplying assembly or installation-ready finished products, at a specified finishing and precision level, we provide added value to our customers while saving production costs. To maintain this advantage, we invest considerable resources in the research and development of advanced products to meet market needs. We also support customers by advising them in planning profiles for any purpose, and guide them to ensure that the final product provides a precise solution to their needs.