Steel Services

The Packer Group has over 70 years of specialized experience in the import, processing and marketing of steel rolls, sheet metal and steel strips, which are used in the consumer products industry and for electronics, construction, agriculture, and infrastructure.

Today, all of the Packer Group’s activity in the steel and sheet metal processing and marketing field is conducted through Packer Yadpaz Profiles Ltd. from its plant in Kiryat Malachi, one of the largest service centers in Israel.

We specialize in the import, cutting, and marketing of cut sheet metal. Our services include sheet metal straightening, cutting to size and strip cutting, with quantities supplied according to customer needs.

Our customer-centered approach means we strive to provide the widest possible variety of processing services and products under one roof, with fast delivery times. To accomplish this, we maintain a large inventory of raw materials in our warehouses, creating production capacity redundancy. We process and market steel imported from leading suppliers worldwide to meet on-demand customer requirements.

We maintain a large and varied inventory of raw materials, in a range of qualities, tailored to suit customer requirements:

  • Black sheet metal (HR)
  • Pickled and oiled sheet metal (P&O)
  • Cold rolled sheet metal (CR)
  • Galvanized sheet metal (GAL)
  • Coated sheet metal (PVC)
  • Corrugated sheet metal
  • Aluzinc sheet metal (ALZ)
  • Electrolyte sheet metal (ELC)
  • Painted sheet metal (PPS)

Our commitment to product quality includes stringent internal quality control processes, ISO 9001 processing plant certification, and the extensive experience of our professional and skilled employees.

We have earned our reputation among customers through careful advanced planning, production, distribution and control systems. All of these give us the capability of providing high-quality, accessible solutions, precisely tailored to customer needs.

Further advantages of working with the Packer Group include:

  • Optimization due to multiple processes located under one roof
  • Cost savings due to logistics infrastructure
  • Reduced in-process inventory
  • Supply of parts directly to assembly/production lines
  • Engineering advice in solving problems and for new product development
  • Eliminating waste and saving raw materials and time