About Us

A World Leader in the Metal and Steel Products Field

Packer Steel Industries is among the pioneers of the steel and metal products industry in Israel. The company was founded in 1934 as a steel import and marketing company, and to this day is the leading company in its field. The company currently employs about 300 workers in advanced plants located in four sites across Israel. The company specializes in the supply of raw materials and metal products and is considered the flagship of Israeli industry.

The Group’s companies spare no effort to always remain at the technological forefront and updated about all innovations worldwide in order to provide its customers in Israel and throughout the world the best and most advanced products. The Group’s management team is always open and forward-looking, leading change processes, streamlining and continuous innovation.    

Up-To-Date Technologies With a Young and Dynamic Spirit

Packer Steel Industries Group provides the following products and services: 

The Group’s companies provide significant advantages to their customers owing to the excellent reputation it gained in the market over the years. It offers its customers added value, which makes it the first choice of most companies and organizations in the field in Israel. 

The company’s customers are among the leading companies in the steel industry in Israel and abroad, in addition to large and governmental organizations. Over the years they became loyal and regular customers that trust the company’s professional team and the precisely manufactured products it supplies. 

A Wide Range of Products and Services

The Group’s companies engage in the following areas, and in each it is considered a leader owing to both the quality and the service it provides its customers: 

  • Steel services – processing and marketing of metal sheet and steel products
  • Profiles – manufacturing and marketing of professional iron profiles and pipes
  • Quality metals – trade activity in aluminum, stainless steel, top metals, and tool steel
  • Hot-dip zinc galvanizing services – corrosion protection 
  • Commercial activity through tenders (mainly with the Defense Ministry)

The company’s advanced logistic abilities enable it to offer its customers short delivery times and to benefit from the steel procurement experience and skills it gained over the years.