The Packer Group provides hot-dip zinc galvanizing services through Packer Yadpaz Galvanizing Plants Ltd, the leading steel galvanizing and handling company in Israel, located in Ashkelon.

Galvanizing offers corrosion protection to a wide range of products, including structures, electricity poles, bridges, greenhouses, railings, etc. We also provide complementary services such as sorting, assembly and packaging, storage, and shipping abroad.

The customer focus, service awareness, and uncompromising professionalism of our employees mean that Packer Yadpaz Galvanizing Plants customers enjoy:

  • High quality execution and on-time delivery
  • Flexible hours for delivery of goods
  • Assistance in planning and tailoring products for galvanizing and painting
  • Complementary services such as assembly and packaging, storage, containerization, and shipping abroad.
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