Quality Metals

The Packer Group provides quality metal products and services through Packer Yadpaz Quality Metals Ltd., located in the modern Bar Lev Industrial park on an area of 13,000 square meters.

We specialize in the import and marketing of high-quality steels for all industry sectors in Israel, including aluminum, stainless steel, alloy steel and tool steel. We also provide advanced processing services of varying qualities, cut to size, and more.

We engage mainly in trade and tailoring sizes and shapes to customer requirements using aluminum and stainless steel as the primary raw materials.

Specialization areas: 

  • Supply raw materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, steel and steel alloys that meet aircraft and commercial standards
  • Raw materials cut to size to customer requirements using the most advanced automatic production lines available today
  • Third-party logistics services to customers in a range of fields.

Thanks to our extensive experience and familiarity with the metals field, customers enjoy access to a wide range of metals to meet their specific requirements, including aluminum and stainless steel alloys, as well as other specialized metals such as nickel and titanium alloys. Beyond this wide range of products, we also ensure that they receive the most suitable product to meet their needs, from our comprehensive inventory of over 5,000 items.

We serve a wide range of industries and sectors, including aviation, medical, security, sheet metal, outfitting, welding, energy, CNC and construction.


Our quality products and services hold numerous industry-recognized certifications:

  • Certified to the AS9120 aerospace standard
  • Authorized supplier (ship to stock) of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems
  • E1 supplier to Israel Aviation Industries – direct delivery to production lines and inventory
  • Authorized supplier to Elbit Systems
  • Authorized supplier to Israel’s Defense Ministry

Packer Quality Metals is committed to delivering customer orders after cutting, handling and packaging in the shortest possible timeframe based on our advanced management and storage systems. We transport all goods using our own fleet of vehicles operating throughout the country, providing high-level service and rapid delivery.