Organizational Culture

An Organizational Culture Based On Excellence and Achieving Goals

Our organizational culture centers around an uncompromising drive for excellence. All personnel strive towards excellent performance and outstanding results, while we are constantly cultivating our employees as the key to our future and success.

We strive to inculcate the following values in all employees. These have served as our guiding principles and the foundation of all our activities over the years:

  • Honesty, reliability and loyalty to customers
  • Dynamic and flexible work processes 
  • Employee identification with the company, its goals and values 
  • Fostering learning opportunities and best practices based on experience
  • Individual and team development
  • Open and clear communication
  • Tolerance and openness

A Long-Lasting Tradition of Efficient Service, Mutual Trust and Cooperation

Within Israel and around the world, everything we do revolves around the strong relationships we’ve built with our customers. We value direct communication and attention to every single detail of an order until it has been fulfilled to the customer’s satisfaction. These values have made Packer the robust, well-established company it is today, providing our customers with confidence and peace of mind.