Company Vision

Comprehensive Quality, Reliability, and Honesty

Our vision is based on the values of quality, reliability, and honesty in all customer interactions. All Packer Group companies are committed to the highest standards in the production and marketing of innovative solutions that meet market and customer needs while addressing changing needs and trends in the steel and metal products field.

As our customer, you’ll receive products tailored to your needs along with the best service in the industry. You’ll get significant production cost savings, optimization of raw materials, and professional guidance throughout all collaborative work processes.  

Company management

We invest extensive resources in developing and implementing a rigorous approach to quality while offering a professional one-stop shop for our customers in Israel and abroad, providing full and comprehensive solutions for all their needs.

We aim to provide an environment which nurtures and develops excellence in all our employees. Therefore, we foster learning, specialization, and development, while continuously striving to uphold the pursuit of excellence as a paramount value and human capital as a priceless asset and the basis for our future and success.

Acting to Create a Healthy and Equitable Society 

We place great importance on community involvement and aiding disadvantaged populations, and act accordingly to promote these values. We strive to create equal opportunities among disparate populations, with the aim of contributing to a healthier society.

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